Wondering about what I’m talking about when I refer to The Dale?

The Dale Ministries (formerly Parkdale Neighbourhood Church) is a community that seeks to be welcoming to all, while placing at the core people who often are not: those who are experiencing poverty both of spirit and space. We each acknowledge our brokenness and agree to learn what it means to journey alongside one another in this thing called life.

We believe in coming as we are, creating a space where we are safe to ask hard questions, praying together, picking each other up when we inevitably fall down, sharing meals and celebrating.

The Dale is built on the belief that Jesus was and is real. We believe in and seek to be transformed by God’s hope, grace and peace.

The Dale has no building. All of our programming happens in partnership with local organizations and outside on the street. We have few belongings and endeavour to share what we have.

As an organization we are entirely dependent on the financial support of others for our needs, including my own salary. Giving in this way is a unique opportunity to become an intrinsic part of The Dale network.

To learn more, please visit The Dale Ministries