For those of you who haven’t heard yet, my husband Dion was admitted to hospital yesterday. At around 6:30 am it became apparent that I needed to call an ambulance. Dion had a significant fever and couldn’t move or stand on his own. I tried to help him up, but couldn’t.

The update is this: a viral infection seems to have exacerbated Dion’s Multiple Sclerosis related symptoms. We’ve long known that even a simple cold could wreak havoc on Dion’s system, so he has worked hard to avoid getting one for close to five years. Unfortunately during that time Dion transitioned from relapsing/remitting to secondary progressive MS. This is our first chance at seeing what a cold can do to his current scenario and it hasn’t been pretty. Having said all of this, the medical team is still discerning exactly what is going on.

Dion’s fever is under control, though at times erratic. He was able to transfer to a chair today, but has not fully regained use of his legs. He is tired. Added to the mix is that Dion’s breathing has been laboured due to an elevated diaphragm which is constricting his right lung. We are still waiting to hear a variety of test results. He is understandably frustrated, tired and wanting to get home.

As for me, I am working to be present to Dion’s needs, which includes being his advocate in the hospital. I am admittedly weary and sad, anxious about what this all means more long-term. While my body does not struggle with MS, it carries a portion of its weight. I am able to feel simultaneously strong and weak at times like this. I am not exaggerating when I say that Cate is being a trooper. Pray though that she find space to share what is so easily internalized.

I know many people are eager to know what is going on, so this felt like an appropriate way to spread the news efficiently. Thank you to all who are praying and sending good thoughts. We are aware of this huge cloud of people who surround us with love, longing and hoping for Dion’s healing. Pray that we might have what we need to face each moment, as it comes, with grace and the knowledge of a peace that passes all understanding.